#FeelinFreshFriday – Clothing Line Review – SKYY @bigfris

This week we are looking at SKYY. The clothing line of Deshane Cornwall aka FRISCO.


To get to the store you need to visit Frisco’s personal website (http://www.bigfris.com) after that theres a link in the menu for store.

Once on the store you will be presented with all the products for sale.

There are alots of T Shirts available in various colours (red, purple, blue, yellow, white, black) which are all very well priced at only £19.99 each .


Aswell as the T Shirts u can also buy SKYY hats.

Like the TShirts, the hats come in various colours (khaki, grey, blue, navy & black).


All hats are £25.00, again very good value for money.

Also on the website you can find a few t shirts with different logo’s on, our personal favourite being the red t shirt, with the black and white logo.

Overall we are very impressed with the products and prices from SKYY. Defo a brand to watch in 2016. Big up Frisco!!

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