#FeelingFreshFriday – Clothing Line Review – CASH MOTTO CLOTHING @officialchip

This week our clothing line review focuses soley on CASH MOTTO.


Incase you havent seen a television or any youtube videos for the last year, Cash Motto is the official clothing brand/ supporter merchandise created by UK rapper Chip, formally Chipmunk.

First views of the website are very impressive, we are digging the layout, and all products are easy to find. Every item has its own image which clearly show the product.

The first product we have looked at features a very popular Chip line ‘Man cant run out of bars’ with the CM logos included in the font. Can see this t shirt being very popular, and only priced at £25.00.


The next product is the Cash Motto Logo beanie hat. With winter time upon us this hat does not only keep you warm, but it looks amazing too. You can grab this for only £15!

If you fancy a t shirt to match your new hat the CM logo tee’s are also available and look equally as good.  Also available in hoodies and jumpers!


The last product we have looked at today is the Cash Motto velvet tracksuit. One of the more expensive products on the site, but not expensive enough to break the bank . Coming in at £70 for the jacket (a few different colours available) trousers are also available to be purchased.


When reviewing we only looked at the featured products, there are many other products available.


The main thing we love about Cash Motto is how well the products relate to what Chip is doing in the music scene at the moment. This also makes us very excited to see what Chip and Cash Motto will be hitting us with in 2016, big up Chip!!

Www.cashmottoclothing.com #Cm

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