#FeelingFreshFriday – CLOTHING LINE REVIEW – @BigNarstie #BDL #Base #Pain

For todays Feeling Fresh Friday Review we are checking out Big Narstie’s online store.
From his website – BigNarstie.com you can buy T Shirts, Hats, Jumpers, The Uncle Pain DVD, and even The notorious electronic BASE Pen!

The website also offers links to keep upto date with Big Narstie by selecting Releases, Videos, Event and Contact.

The first product we are looking at is the BDL Snapback hat priced at only £25.00.
This comes in black with a grey peak and features the classic BDL logo across the front.
BDL members need this hat!!! #Base!


The 2nd product we have looked at is the classic #BASE T shirt. This is available in White and Black, and also can be purchased as a Jumper. T shirts are £19.99!


Next We checked out the ‘Hello Hi’ T shirt. Once again this is also available in Black Or White T shirt, or a Black Jumper, And is also priced at only £19.99!

We left our favorite product til last, The last item we looked at is the amazing ‘Dont Fuck Up The #BASE’ T shirt….. Again available in Black or White, you can either choose whether your T shirt swears (it can say FUCK or F**K). Both priced at £19.99.


Overall a very good website with lots of big narstie videos, music and features. Save this website to your favorites J

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