REVIEW – ADN | You Don’t Wanna War (Feat. Ddot) [CMG WARDUB]

So, for those that dont know, heres a quick recap,

D-DOT joined CMG…

D-Dot left CMG ….

D-Dot joined forces with ADN and formed Sub Audio Mafia (SAMAFIA)

ADN has agreed to clash WHEATZ from CMG on Fri 10th Feb.

With the clash now approaching, ADN and D-Dot have released their war dub (below).

First off, I’m not going to lie, i was expecting a bit from this. As wardubs go, this could have been harder. First time listening nothing really jumped out and grabbed me. After listening back, its ok, but could have been aimed at WHEATZ (as thats who is clashing on 10th feb) Instead of CMG.

There seems to be some problems between D-Dot and CMG so maybe more information about this will come to light in the future (watch this space). Also it will be interesting to see who turns up to the clash (apart from ADN and WHEATZ), Will D-Dot be in the corner of ADN/ Which members of CMG will be there?

Also, will there be a response? Will Wheatz or any of CMG fire shots back at ADN and DDOT before the clash??

Listen to ADN – You Don’t Wanna War below.

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