Sending Season has started…

SO I was sat down dipping some digestive biscuits into my cup of tea when I noticed ADN had recorded a send back to Dynamic…..

This was before I even knew Dynamic had sent for ADN so I did some research and found this….

SO I gave it a listen…. Not going to be going into the sends on this video, but that will come soon 😉

Anyway next in line was the reply….

Since these 2 have been dropped LIVEWIRE has also sent some HEAT for ADN – but that will be another Review…. Defo FIRE coming from LIVEWIRE tho so keep an eye out for that…

and whilst I was typing DYNAMIC Dropped this….

Whos winning so far?

I know its 2 sends Vs 1 but how are u scoring this??

let me knowwww

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