Our verdict on the Dynamic Vs Brighty Sends.

So just to fill you in, Brighty sent for Dynamic with his send ‘Poor Man’s Devvo’ …

If you haven’t heard it go check it out, if you have I bet u £10 it made you laugh (or at least put a smile on your face).. The track was jokes (at the expense of Dynamic, and maybe Devvo) all in all, it was a good send.

Just to give you all an idea of the time frame here, Brighty first send was released via his FB on Thursday. A few days passed and there was no reply from Dynamic. Then around mid day on Tuesday, Brighty released his second Diss – Duppy Freestyle – Dynamic Diss.

The 2nd diss was also released on Brightys Facebook, with a short statement that read:

‘Tired of waiting for a reply so heres my reply to a reply that I haven’t even received yet’

At this point, we are trying to not sound bias, but only one MC has sent. We will get onto Dynamic shortly – just doing this in order. So back to Brighty’s 2nd send. This send was slightly different to Brighty’s previous. It started off with Brighty talking about how he got bored of waiting so dropped another diss. The diss also switches beat’s at the end to show versatility.

In my opinion this is the perfect follow up send, everything that Dynamic threw at Brighty has been answered, Brighty defends being Welsh, and addresses Dynamic’s living situation. The lines that stands out most were:

‘Ill let you breathe over the career that you think you’ve got, I gave you ammo but you aimed and you missed every shot. Im on a level where not many can compete, cuz if they try and step to me, these bars will take your fucking head top off, I know why you don’t do vid’s, Theres no camera-man, Cuz you don’t want people to know, you live inside a Caravan’

It seem’s like Brighty sending again, rattled Dynamic’s cage because shortly after Dynamic replied with his send called ‘How could you think? Brighty Diss’.

The content in this track is very good, The hook is very catchy. The track starts off with Dynamic rapping with some demon style voice, but shortly drops and the bouncy rap begins.

It does seem the reply was very rushed, and with abit more time could have been consistent with the previous tracks we have heard from Dynamic.

Bar’s such as ‘Your calling me Devvo cuz I was just born in Yorkshire, That aint a diss, you really are stupid son’. – Just for the record, If anyone ever calls me DEVVO I’m taking that as a Diss, and a good one too, I’d be pissed.

In all honestly I was expecting a lot more from Dynamic with his reply. If you have Dynamic on FB, you will have noticed him release a cover of Eminem and Ed Sheeran’s River this week. He has cut a part of this video to use on the Diss also, As soon as I saw ‘Dynamic River’ on the screen for his diss, it was game over for me.

Im not sure if it was Brighty’s eagerness to throw more Flames at Dynamic, or the timescale if which he sent his second diss without reply, but something has hurt Dynamic. This is evident in his reply.

Brighty has said he’s not sending any more disses, but technically Dynamic still owes us one, so who knows what will happen.

Currently we would have to say Brighty is taking this one quite comfortably, but who knows what the future holds.

Brighty 2 – Dynamic 0.


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