@Ramonerochester – Ramz Summertime Ball Performance.

Ok so first off, if you haven’t seen the video, Ive put a link below….

Now time to discuss. First question – Why are people hating on Ramz for this?

Just to clarify 12-18 months ago most of us didn’t even know who Ramz was, and now he’s performing in front of 80,000 people….

So yeah, on the day you went to Twitter to call him a Fraud, he was performing HIS SONG in front of 80k people who were all singing along…

Anyway back to the matter at hand, I know the performance didn’t sound the best, BUT from what I understand there were problems with the in ear devices Ramz was wearing, so he wouldn’t have been hearing the track as we all heard it.

Don’t forget, whilst Ramz has had alot of bookings since Barking dropped, this was probably the biggest arena he has performed in. 80k people singing his song combined with the huge amount of speakers in the arena, and the way sound bounces from walls causing echo’s or delays is enough to throw anyone off track.

I think instead of talking about what went wrong with the performance, we should congratulate Ramz on getting that far!

Can anyone reading this say they performed to 80000 people??

Have a good day!

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